Back in the very early 90's when I was in high school, I bought a BC Rich Platinum Series Warlock. It's black with a white crackle design on it. It's actually a pretty cool looking guitar. I played it for about a year or two, went to change the strings one day, and I lost a few pieces of the tremelo in the process. So it has been sitting in the case since the mid 90's. In addition to the tremelo needing rebuilt, it needs a nut, and could most likely use some pickups.

It's really not worth a lot of $$ as I see them in playable condition going for cheap on ebay. So I'm really not sure what to do with it. The cost of buying a cardboard box and shipping it would probably exceed its value. But, on the flip side I just don't want to trash it either.

So I'm thinking maybe I can restore it as a project or something. Couldn't hurt having an extra guitar around. Plus I do remember liking it back then.

So for starters, how can I know if a certain tremelo or pickup set would work on this guitar? I'd love to put a floyd rose with some high quality pickups on it.

I think all I would need to buy is nut, tremelo, and pickups.

Any advice???


you'd need to measure the parts so you know what size to use. if it has a fender style trem in it now you'd have to see whether you could install the posts needed to mount the trem or not for starters. i might not be inclined to dump a lot of money into it but it's certainly worth some kind of up grade. check places like Guitarfetsih for parts. 
You're going to be spending easily more than what the guitar is worth with the amount of work you're wanting to put into it.

But if you want to do it anyway for sentimental reasons, go right ahead.

If the guitar has a cheap licensed copy Floyd bridge, then chances are that nothing you're going to buy off the shelf is going to be what you need. Online guitar stores tend not to stock parts for cheap guitars that stopped being made 25 years ago. If you cannot find used replacement parts on ebay, then you're going to be looking at buying a whole new bridge for the guitar. Which is going to entail some additional modifications to the post spacing to get it to fit at the very least.

I would worry about getting new pickups later. Get the guitar back to a state were it's a functional again first.
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