Hey guys, I was looking for a good amp under $150. I will be using it at home and I mostly practice blues, jazz and rock. I think it will be fine if the amp doesn't have a lot of in-built effects as long as it has a good clean sound because I am planning to get pedals as time goes on. I was looking at the Vox Pathfinder 10 and the Ibanez IBZ10G v2, but I don't have much idea about gears.

Honestly I'd go for a modeling amp like a gender mustang. No point in getting pedals until you can afford a decent amp.
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Honestly I'd go for a modeling amp like a gender mustang.  No point in getting pedals until you can afford a decent amp.

Also in consideration is the Boss Katana, may could find one used.
Try out a Peavey Vypyr/VIP while your at it. A Fender Mustang is probably more suited for your needs off the bat, but between that, Peavey and the Katana, those would be the best options within your budget, especially used.

The Marshall MG's are in your price range as well, but are considered pretty poor. Same for Line 6 Spiders.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer
Boss Katana and Fender Mustangs are rather recommended a lot on forums. I have no personal experience with either, but they are pretty popular. 
Some headphones and a portable modeler like a Line 6 POD, Boss Micro-BR, Korg Pandora, etc. would be perfect for home practice.

They all differ, but each will have some combination of tuner, metronome, recording and/or PC interface and other invaluable practice tools in addition to the amp & pedal sims.
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Katana, Fender Vibro Champ used, Fender Mustang.  All are pretty decent low cost practice amps.
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