I want to buy a Suhr guitar and a guy is selling one. I see on the Internet many different Suhr models that vary in price: Classic, Modern Pro, Satin, etc...but I can't put it together. Like what are the least expensive and which are "top models". Like in PRS guitars:SE,CE,CU22 & 24,Artist, Modern Eagle, etc...
In any case the guitar I'm after is 2009 Suhr Modern. And the certificate doesn't say like Modern Pro, or Modern Custom or Modern Satin, it says only Modern and the specs are: Alder body, Maple Neck, Modern Elliptical .780 - .830 neck, Brazillian Rosewood fingerboard, Gotoh Floyd, red burst color, matching headstock, Sperzel Locking tuners, Inlay:Face Dots Clay, 5 way switch, Doug Aldrich pups and Buzz Feiten System.
Now I'm trying to figure out how much did it cost when it was new but I can't find a reference. If I google it I get the results only for Modern Pro or Modern Satin...
Is it in Modern Pro price range or Modern Satin? I'd appreciate if someone could clarify different Suhr models and their price-ranges,
Does it have a figured top? If it's a burst with a figured top then it's a modern pro. If it's a solid color with a plain top then it's a satin

Satin is around 2k. Pros are 3500
Prs se Holcomb is the answer