Lol not really sure what category to put this in but I'm basically trying to make my own practice schedule but have no idea where to begin. I'm not terrible and since I've started I've jut been playing random stuff and am just now hearing about schedules and stuff so if anyone could help it'd be great
What type of music do you want to learn?
What techniques do you need to master to learn those songs?
What are some of your favorite artists who play the type of music you want to learn?
What are your current weak points in terms of technique?

Ask yourself these kinds of questions before proceeding.
This is an easy one. What you do is just play until something inspires you, then write down what inspired you, and then practise it. And write down your practise logs in the same book.

If you want a practice buddy for accountability and motivation, I volunteer.
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Start with what you are most interested in getting good at: a particular style? A certain technique? Soloing versus rhythm playing?

Try to identify a specific task or exercise that would help you; e.g. if you need to improve your timing, create or find a simple exercise that will address that very directly. If you want to solo better, maybe start to learn and practise a specific solo. If you want to pick faster, try to identify what's wrong with your picking currently (film yourself and then compare that to a world class player) and then devise a simple task to address that - do you move your pick to much, for example?

It's important that we all differentiate between practising and playing (i.e. for fun). 
First of all, it is important to decide they priority of what you need to practice. Then, set deadline for each tasks so that you actually do it. It is helpful to have a performance so that you have to accomplish your goals. Of course, I would recommend you to talk with your guitar teacher about practice schedule. I thought this website was helpful: http://www.willanacademy.com/practice-tips-young-guitarist/