Hey guys, I'm relatively new to playing Punk/Pop-Punk (I mainly play Green Day and Misfits). While I'm playing the Green Day songs, I don't hear how messy I'm playing, but everyone around me is telling me that it's pretty messy. How can I get it to tighten up a bit? I'm not entirely sure, but maybe it could be the way my amp sounds? My amp is a really cheap line 6 and theres WAY too much distortion on it, and when I brought it down a bit, it sounded really clean and tight. Thanks guys!
An important thing is to get yourself recorded.  Even if you listen/watch it once and delete it immediately, you should seriously consider recording what you do.  Even if it's just on a cheap smartphone, I would bet that you have some method of recording yourself.

This is important because it allows you the third person perspective.  You can't fully concentrate on what sounds you're making, when you're also devoting a lot f your mental energy to playing.  This will help you identify what it is about your playing that other people hear that sounds a bit messy.

That said... yeah, reducing the gain, but still having some, is pretty important to the pop-punk sound.  They tend to use a distorted tone, but nothing too gain-y, a kind of heavy crunch more than a full on distortion.  That'll definitely get you much closer to that sound and help you sound less messy.
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Definitely start recording yourself on a regular basis. The first time I recorded myself I couldn't believe how awful I sounded. It definitely gives you a bit of that harsh reality you need early on.
That's how I started years ago and I was sloppy af too. I mean, I thought that was how punk was supposed to be! I thought it sounded good, but going back and listening to my recordings just highlights how bad I was. I mean, my home studio recordings sounded passable cus I could do a 100 takes and stitch bits together to make it sound alright, but live was just god awful.

When I came back to guitar 3yrs ago I basically had to throw out all I knew and start again. Now I've really applied myself to a new style (acoustic folk) and learnt some advanced techniques, fingerstyle, and honed my timing/rhythm it's really highlighted how bad I used to be. I still love punk, and especially pop-punk, but I have to be honest, it's not a terribly advanced genre. It's easy to play a lot of stuff sloppily as none of it really commands high levels of technique. The difference between us and say Billie Joe Armstrong is that while he might not play terribly challenging stuff, he plays it very well because he's obviously a competent guitar player.
Honestly I actually thought it sounded okay. I was expecting something much worse. It doesn't sound to me like you're doing all that much wrong. I can't see you play unfortunately so as for technique it's difficult to judge. 
Yeah I didn't think it was too bad. Some of the palm muting was a bit out of time, but it otherwise sounded ok. The quality is a bit shit, but that's the mic probably. You might benefit from turning down the overdrive a tad. But yeah, it's not that bad. I mean punk is somewhat sloppy as it is, it doesn't adhere to any great standards.

Maybe your friends just aren't used to the genre?
Take time to listen carefully. Try to be able to tap out the rhythm or hum the melody before you start playing along. Count out loud. Use a metronome. That's pretty much all there is to tightening up your rhythm playing.

There are some places in that recording where it sounds like you drop part of a beat, or fall off the count. A good way to overcome that problem is by keeping count while you listen to a song so you can hear the rhythms more clearly in relation to the beat. Then keep count while you practice. Eventually you develop a  sense for where the downbeat is.
crownegamers My advice is just get the basics right. Practice with a metronome and focus on keeping your picking for each section as consistent as possible. Hit the same strings with the same force, same pick angle, same muting etc. It's not terrible but it's obvious you can tighten up. Personally, I thought the tone was decent
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