First off, first post...I think. I was registered but I don't know if I've ever posted to the forum. So...Hi!

So, my father has sort of bequeathed to me his '67 strat. The frets are worn down in several spots and it's kind of buzzy.  I don't think it's ever been set up in its 50 years of life but it's still somewhat playable. The body has a LOT of dings and scratches and the finish is worn down in all of the usual places. If you were to "relic" a guitar to this degree it would take some doing!

I don't play with a band or anything anymore (at least not at the moment) and I'd consider myself more of a hobbyist than anything else but I would like to play at some point and I'd like to use this guitar when applicable. I have no intentions of ever selling it and I hope to one day pass it down to my kids. So, while I want to retain its originality and value I don't want it to become an unplayable decoration. Would it be a mistake to have it refretted? I'd hate to do something that can't be undone and ruin its value, whatever that may be. As far as I know the guitar is all original except for the tuning machines. Not sure why they were changed but I think he bought it that way back in the late 60s.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Worn down in a few places doesn't necessarily mean it needs new frets. Often a level crown and polish will get you many more years out of a set of frets.

Take it to a good luthier. Ask at a few shops for a person they would recommend. Do not automatically pick the first person you hear a good thing about. If you find someone you trust, ask them what they suggest. It's likely not a full refret. If it is, get a second opinion and then be doubly serious about who does it. It's worth getting right, if it's necessary.
Refretting a guitar doesn't hurt value.  Frets wear out and keeping them in good shape is considered a good thing.   Take it to a luthier and see what they tell you.  Most of the time when people think they need a refret they actually need a fret dressing.  Even if frets need replaced there is a good chance that only some frets need to be pulled.  Luthiers don't want to pull frets that don't need pulled so if you take it to a respected luthier it should be safe to trust their opinion and let them decide the best course of action.
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