Guild Wars 2 - Scout Ascan Theme
Type - Chords
Part - Whole Song

Hi! Is there chance to get chords for song from Guild Wars 2 Scout Ascan theme? It look easy but I can't do it on my own. Start the end: 17:30. Whole theme is great but asking for all songs is to much.

Thank you and have a nice day!
Song #1 is in A major scale so you can play with capo on 2nd and it will be easier, but original is without the capo (you can tell by the E chord):

starts with C# and then:
F#m C#m A Bm
E Bm  C#  C#
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Song #3 in G major, I play Amadd9  like 5x7557 with thumb on the 6th string:

3x: Amadd9 G (next time it's 2x and once even 4x I think)
2x: D G Amadd9 Am