I picked up an Crate Acoustic 125-D at the fleamarket the other day for nearly nothing. It powers on, but no sound, so I took it apart and the first pot is broke, and the second and third are cracked. I'd like to replace all three (since the cracked ones will likely cause trouble down the road), but can only find a direct replacement for the first one. I can solder very well, but no nothing about electronics or what the #'s on the back of the pots mean. The first ones # is 70-133-01, and I can find a couple places online that have it. The second and third pots have the same # of 70-503-24, but I cant find an exact # replacement. I did find a 70-503-22. So, what might be a good replacement pot to use, or who may carry these pots? I would post a pic of the switch and board, but not sure how to do that. Thanks in advance!
Is there any other writing on the pots? Perhaps a picture of them can help identify them.

You would have to upload the photos elsewhere and use the image link to post it.

Looks like the 70-503-24 is a 50k lin pot. So that is a start. Of you can find one in the same housing, or get a standard 50k lin pot and some wire, you can replace it easily.
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Liaztraht  Thanks for the reply.The only other writing on the pots are the date and ROC (republic of china). They are regular looking 3 pin pots, and if all I need are 50k then they are easy to get. So then, are you saying all I need to get are 50k 3 pin pots and install them?  These look like the ones in it: