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...and did you buy it?

Mine was a Reverend Sensei Jr. Absolutely loved the sound of the one P90. Such a versatile sound, so good for the dirty, rootsy stuff I like to play. And I love simple instruments in general.

Didn't buy it, though. No guitar in the budget ATM.
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Went to a shop looking for amps and left with a guitar. Still have it.

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Mine was in a store no longer there.

I went in to look at G&L Stratclones & Reverend Double Agents and Reves Gabrels sig IIs - they were one of the few places that stocked them- on a whim since I was driving by. And really liked what I played. Went into their Gibson room and disappointingly, couldn't find one without issues.

I was tossing around getting a G&L when I went and tried out a Reverend Flatroc 15th Anniversary LE to kind of clear my mind and reset my internal discussion. And I was just sucker punched.

Still, I almost never buy something that pricey on a whim, so I went home. Right before bedtime, I logged into their site to buy it. I completed my transaction, then powered down and went to sleep.

In the AM, I had an email saying my money was being refunded because someone had come into the store that morning and purchased it before anyone had checked the store's online sales.

I tracked one down in another state in a different color- no mean feat, since the entire worldwide run was @60 guitars spread over 5 colors. Still love that guitar!

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Actually had 2 on the same day. 95 Mim strat that had been modded and 2006 bc rich eagle.
Bought both and they are my 2 #1s.

Haven't had a lot of chances to try new guitars lately but I'm pretty happy with these two.
First guitar I fell in love with at a store was a Rickenbacker 620 maple.  At the time I had an ESP viper and EPI Les Paul, and was intending on walking out with a new Orange 4x12 to exchange out the Mesa 4x12 in my rig.  In normal fashion I made my rounds and dinked around on a few things.  I picked up the Rickenbacker because I was interested (when I played bass I idolized Lemmy and his Ricky).  I play metal, doom, and punk, so my buddy with me encouraged me to move on to something he considered more fitting.  But I insisted the a Rickenbacker could do just fine.  And it did, and I purchased it.  
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ibanez rgaix. unbelievably good.
Jumping on dat gear sig train.
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2007 Jackson USA DK1 with EMGs and Shattered Glass graphic - Didn't buy it. GC wanted too much (used @ $1,600)

1986 Charvel Model 6 -  Bought it

I don't really see high end versions of the guitars I like (Jackson, Charvel, ESP, Ibanez, Peavey, Kramer) just sitting in stores.  
A $900 Les Paul Tribute. Went in planning to spend at least $1,500, was open to going up to $2,000. That sub-$1k Les Paul was legitimately the best guitar under three grand I played that day. Two days later I bought it.

Gibson's quality control lets a lot of lemons through, but when they get it right, they hit it out of the park.

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Used Epiphone Casino Coupe - Inverness Green limited edition. Had them reserve it for me for a couple of weeks for various reasons, but I bought it eventually
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The last electric that really appealed to me, but I didn't buy it, was a MM Silhouette.

The last guitar I bought that really grabbed me was an acoustic,  a '92 Maton M300, the upper one in this pic:

I only played half a dozen bars on it and knew it was the one, the best for fingerpicking I have ever owned. It is unusual insofar as it is all-laminate and has Gibson double-X style bracing.
Sometime back in the late 90s in a now defunct store that was across the street from the OSU Campus called The String Shoppe I spotted three Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II model guitars in custom finishes, one was a sparkle blue, one a sparkle silver, and one in Gibson gold. I bought the one in Gold, and over the last many years I have never seen any other Epi JPs in custom colors.

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Just happened to me a couple weeks ago. Went in looking at Stratocasters and ran into the oddest guitar I had ever saw, I thought it was a used guitar and I went over wondering why they had a used guitar in there only to find out it was supposed to look that way, it was a Road Worn 50's Stratocaster, I shouldn't have picked it up but I did and it felt like I had owned it all my life. Everything fit me perfectly. Little over my budget but I still intend to go back and get one after I save a bit more money. Funny thing I thought was, why do they keep coming out with new designs when they got it right 50 years ago.
Epiphone Korina '58 Explorer. I have more expensive guitars back home, but it's the most fun I had playing since I've been living abroad most of the past decade. After a few weeks of jamming on originals and Coheed and Cambria in the shop, I bought it, but it's stuck in storage for the next couple of months due to circumstances. Oh well. Can't wait to play it when I finish moving apartments. [/whocares]
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I was browsing around my local music shop looking for a guitar to buy. I had $500 to spend and I was looking at Squiers (strats and teles). I found one $500 squier telecaster that sounded great and I almost bought it -- until this Squier Vintage Modified caught my eye. I immediately picked it up, plugged it in, and played (lots of bending, lots of melodic stuff). The telecaster was great but this guitar I loved not only for it's sound, but for it's looks as well. It is a beautiful guitar. My favorite guitarist is David Gilmour, I based my playing style around his among others, and this guitar caught my eye because it looked so similar. I ended up buying this Vintage Modified. I am friendly with everyone who works in this shop and they gave me a great deal: $245 with no tax. Being that this guitar is easily worth $300, i took it. I replaced all the black pickup guards, knobs and stuff with white to match Gilmour's and it has been my main guitar for a year and a half! 

(no idea why picture is sideways)
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My PRS Custom 24.

Had to tweak the setup a bit, and bung some foam under the trem springs. If I could change anything, I'd probably swap the locking tuners, because I prefer the wheel-type locks over the ones that came as stock.
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Not a shop, but still a cool story.  I was hiking with my family in north Italy (hut-to-hut), and in the first hut there was this magnificent Crafter D-18N. Fell in love with it. We walked the entire trail, then walked back from the valley to pick up the car, and bought it.  

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she was in a store in japan.

i was on a couch near Chicago.

it was lust at first sight.

a few weeks later, she arrived unscathed by her journey.

and not in an amber lined tele case.
1989 MIJ Charvel Fusion Custom totally stock in near mint condition, bought it and still have it, will never part with it, it replaced the Candy Blue '91 Fusion Custom that was my first really good guitar I saved up for months to get but was forced to sell to pay rent years ago!

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The guitar I loved just when I've seen it was Fender Stratocaster made back to 1986. I saw it on Pawnbat but I didn't have enought money to buy it. Sad...
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...and did you buy it?

I bought my last guitar at a pawn shop (a few weeks ago). Before that online, before that eBay, before that, online (recommendation from a friend), etc.
In the works are several other guitars, but those were sourced at a guitar show, from a manufacturer/builder direct (x3), etc. 

It's *really* rare that I'll find a guitar in a traditional store these days; most of the "wall" is cheap junk, or overpriced "everyone's got one" stuff, and almost never something interesting, unusual, intelligent. 
If you mean obsessively thinking about it night and day afterward......probably the Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain I played like 5-6 years ago. I own 30 guitars, it has to really impress me right off the bat for me to want to buy a guitar. I did not buy the Cobain Jag because I could build a more accurate one for way less.
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Went into a store the other day and picked up a PRS S2 C24 with the "faded" style finish, a sunburst model. Wasn't much for the looks, but it played great, and sounded even better. Absolutely killer sound compared to everything else I tried that day (through a 5150).
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Nice and clean.
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Charvel 25th Anniversary

Was about $1100 and I didn't have the money at the time.  Regret it. Can't even find those any more and if you do they are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
I went to Guitar Center to pick up MXR Music Blue Box before my dad and I went to see "Alien Covenant" for opening night so here's the picture what I saw there. While I was waiting for the associate to give me a pedal I ordered, I looked around and saw a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro electric guitar in translucent blue and it was freaking neat.

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 Only Picture i have of it right now..  My Spear T300
 Its hand crafted and Its made out of Canadian Maple wood, the Fret-board and the body of the guitar are made out of the same piece of Wood so they aren't two separate pieces. With the Humbucker on It can get a great Gibson sound and with it off it can get a great Stratocaster sound. Plus the EMG'S sound great on it!  Such a beautiful instrument and my favorite that i own!
1999 G&L limited edition Cusom Shop Jerry Cantrell number 37 out of 70 built , mint condition at my local G&L dealer , this is before they offered it as a model .. and I just might snag it this weekend
Last one was a month ago, my PRS SE, just simply blew me away.  It was even overpriced for a used SE and I didn't care, it was leaving with me  

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risingforce1  That was a beautiful guitar aswell!  Other then A Gibson Byrdland or Firebird, These are my favorite type of guitar Constructs. Love the feel and the look, 
Actually a EVH Wolfgang Standard. Loved the neck, belly cut and arm rest. It feels more compact which for a smaller guy i like
Man, every time I go into a store, those Jackson Pro models like to give me them bedroom eyes. However, lately the Ibanez Iron labels have been trying to hustle in on the action.
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1999 G&L limited edition Cusom Shop Jerry Cantrell number 37 out of 70 built , mint condition at my local G&L dealer , this is before they offered it as a model .. and I just might snag it this weekend

Number 37 was sold by the time I got there, so I purchased a Carvin TL60 with peizo instead, funny how love works in strange ways , don't know how to post pictures from my phone so I'll post them on the Kiesel's guitar face book page
Epiphone Riviera P-93 in Wine Red.
In love with a guitar in a store? 

It did happen once back in January 1997 here in Denmark. My dream guitar had arrived custom made from Jackson US.

Custom shop RR2772 ironic the same as Randy's that he got late 1982. It fit me right from day 1 and I still got the memory of getting it that day in my mind.

The catalogs for '93-94 had the pcs original Rhoads and it was build to Randy Rhoads specs.

I was just looking for a Roads like Kirk Hammett's with no tremolo and this original Rhoads I decided was just as cool in gold and brass hardware.

It became a dream. At first in 1994 I brushed it of for being out of reach money wise not distance location wise.

By 1996 I was down to partscaster Blackie I was early in the bonding with. That's it I am going nuts I am going to order that Rhoads and find a job to pay the $5000 or so it was.

Job came quick and guitar after some 6 months custom made according to the serial not pcsxxxx.
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