Played a show not to long ago with a band and the bassist used my bass since he didn't have one at the time. So before the show everything worked fine during the show it was cutting out alot and now only the neck pickup works when i turn the balance knob to the bridge i get nothing. i opened the panel to look at the pots and couldn't find any wires disconnected so i was wondering if anyone here has any ideas on what it could be
Pickups rarely just "die" on you.  It could be a bad connection, though the wires seem to be properly connected.  A multi-tester can check to see if you have any bad connections.  It's probably a very easy fix.  A few seconds with a soldering iron.
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Get that soldering iron out. They're normally fairly easy to spot where the issue is, usually around the joins.
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Yep, time to get the soldering iron out. It could be something as simple as a bad connection, but something could be causing the bridge pickup's hot wire to be shorting to ground. Pickups rarely just stop working, so I'd go through the signal path reheating all the joints. 
Huge thanks guys wasnt sure about opening it up but sure enough i opened it up cut teh ziptie that was holding everything is place and one of the wires coming from the pickup just flopped out not soldered in