Has anyone tried RGIT27FE? Maybe this is a stupid question, but I like everything about this guitar except the finish - prefer standard gloss black like on RG7321 which I currently have. The finish that displays wood is just not my thing. Is there a guitar like this but with that kind of finish? Perhaps I could get an older model off eBay that has nearly identical specs (just pop in different pickups, etc?). And regarding the product itself, has anyone tried & liked the setup and pickups?

My requirements for this case are:

  • Feel similar to 7321, which I played for many years
  • Would like a neck-thru like Jackson Soloist, so the transition is seamless. This one has it.
  • Would like a less muddy sound that requires less push. I am love an EQ pedal before hitting preamp, but I shouldn't have to boost with it that much, mostly cut. With 7321, had to boost.
  • This has a killswitch? I think that's a plus for me, never cared about the volume. For recording, I prefer perfect cuts. For live, maybe I could get into the manual tremolo thing.
  • I've never been into the "clean strings" sound on a 7-string - if I want that, I just use a stratocaster with appropriate amp. Not expecting any kind of great dynamics here, hence EMG pickups. I just want the triple rectifier to do its job.

You can still find the MIJ RG7421 and 7621 on eBay and CL which are superior to the 7321.

The Ibanez RGAIX7FM which is from the same Iron Label series as the RGIT27FE is also very nice and very nicely-priced. I expect those models to go for ~$400 or so when they hit the used market. It worked really well with the Rectifier and Mark series and specially with the Uberschall Twin Jet and VH4.
I ended up going with RGIT27FE and been playing it for a week through Road King with MXR 10-band EQ to shape the sound before preamp. The finish actually looks good on the real thing, after I saw it I realized it's fine the way it is. The matte finish makes it look a little more like flat painted military gear, which is fittingly aggressive.

It's got a few of the same issues as RG7321 (i.e. same frequencies need to be cut/boosted to get a perfect sound) but the overall sound is a "small" step up (definition, etc). Turns out the biggest quality upgrade was all the other stuff besides the sound. One piece body feels amazing, neck is easier to play, changing strings and tuning takes 5 minutes instead of closer to 15-20 mins I had with 7321. It's got string locks in the neck that you unscrew, and they hold strings inside the knobs. The bridge is way higher quality as well. I immediately swapped stock strings for a heavier gauge - got top shelf strings, and they sounded much like the stock strings, so I would guess it does come with very quality strings stock.

Summary: if you are on budget, the sound of this thing is not going to blow your mind, so you might as well stick with cheaper gear. Sound quality jump much smaller than price jump. However, if you want serious creature comforts when recording or playing for hours on end, you would love this. I suppose this really says something about RG7321 (or whatever product took its place).