Like the title says, I have been recording my own stuff for about a year now, always instrumental because I don't have any real options as far as getting a vocalist goes. So I decided to come here and see if I could maybe find someone whose voice I like and is willing to participate. 

So first, before I give any information, I should provide a link to my music so I don't waste anyone's time with a bunch of information for them to just end up hating my sound...

(FYI, some of my favorites are "Turned to Dust" , "Eternal Decay", and "Stones & Glass Houses".)

Now my sound is DEFINITELY "melodic metalcore", I like to try and write with a Devil Wears Prada, Darkest Hour, Parkway Drive, Elitist style in mind. Is pretty standard metalcore with melodic sounds to fill it out. So if this is your style and you think you can mesh well with that style definitely keep reading. 

Okay, now I'm looking for a solid sounding screamer that is willing to participate in 1 or multiple collaborations. Singing isn't a requirement, but if you can do both and sound good doing it... it is a BIG help. The requirements that I am looking to have met are as follows;

- Must have a high quality mic
- Must include some sort of demo or sample for me to hear your voice on
- Must be familiar with your DAW of choice.
- Must be familiar with basic recording/vocal techniques (double-tracking, harmonizing, etc.)

and most importantly...

- Must be committed and willing to give maximum effort in a sufficient amount of time.

....this one is important, I have had a few people I have spoken to over the last year drop out of a project weeks or months after agreeing to work on a project, I am really not looking to recreate this experience. 

I think it is also important to note, I am pretty picky, so even if you message me being able to meet all the requirements, it may not be a sure thing. Now this isn't because I am so full of myself that I think I deserve Phil Labonte or someone doing vocals for me, but as an artist I think its important to draw the line somewhere, and I know EXACTLY what it is that I like and am looking for. With that in mind I am VERY open to a few different sounds if I think they will work for my style. 

Anyone that is interested can message at the email included in the text document I attached to this post. (I am attaching a text document with my email strictly because I already don't feel comfortable putting my email in a public forum, at least with the attached file, it will be a little more secure)