Before My Body Is Dry
Type - Guitar Pro
Part - Whole Song
Tuning - Standard

Update: Request finished. File in attachments

I've been trying to get a guitar pro file for this song, but I've been having trouble getting it; lined up, figuring out the bass, and synth keyboard. Would be sweet if someone could help me with it. I'm not great with guitar pro editing, and I'm banging my head at this point.

Update: I've updated the .GPX file. I've added a drum track, I copied what looked like what was being played in the rock band video I linked before. Synced the lead guitar and rythem guitar parts till the end, and added an acoustic guitar track that I also synced. I have no idea on where to start on figuring out what the bass is playing.


Found a fairly well timed midi file that I have been using as a guide. (It's already in the .gpx file) http://sheet.host/sheet/OyPkRa

Info page that's already on UG, (no tabpro or .gp link on page) https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/h/hiroyuki_sawano/before_my_body_is_dry_tab.htm

Also found an acoustic guitar tab i've been trying to get lined up, http://imgur.com/a/62DaQ , but again, terrible at lining out quater notes, 8th notes etc to have line it up.

Random poor visuals I found
Before My Body is Dry (Rap Cut).gpx
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Update 2: GPX file has been updated again.

I still need to consolidate the vocal melody from the sheet music, tighten the tab by fixing notes that should be 1/4 or 1/8 or 1/16 notes etc, as well as figure out the bass track. I should be able to consolidate the vocal melody by myself, but I am in the dark about tightening the tab and figuring out the bass track.