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So I'm looking out for a new combo amp to gig (and practice) with and I'm mainly stuck between these two. I play mostly metal and a lot of shred so leads will have to be good. I have played a Marshall JVM 210 at my local music store and I think it kicked ass and I'm almost sure I'm gonna buy one but I've come across a JSX combo at a good price and  I'm wondering if it will be a better option. I've noticed that the JVM combos have closed backs so I assume that would be good for more low end. Ive also heard that the JSX has amazing leads. Any input from people with experience?
I have always found the JVM to be fizzy and a bit harsh. The JSX is beastly in every way, and is typically more affordable to boot.
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i assume the JSX is used as they are out of production and the new XXX doesn't come in combo form. obviously you'll save some cash by getting the JSX. i'm a fan of the JSX but don't need bone crushing bass. best suggestion would be to try the JSX and see if it fits your needs. they are good amps 
They're both used and in mint condition the JVM is €700 and the JSX is €600. Two great deals.
I had a JVM for a little while and was not a fan. I preferred my JCM 2000 DSL over it in every way. There was really only one or two channels that I liked about the JVM. The JSX is a great amp.
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Kind of a generic question if you ask me.

I mean are those the only 2 amps available to you? How long have you been looking? What do you have now? What kind of stuff do you play? Where are you located?

I personally never dug the distortion on the JVM minus may OD2 Green but a lot of channels, buttons, options and coin for just that one tone. I'd much rather have a DSL if I was going for a Marshall amp.

So therefore I'd go for the JSX.
311ZOSOVHJH I play mainly thrash metal and shred. I'd like an amp that can do pretty extreme metal but also some crunchy Billy Gibbons rock tone. I'm also gaining some interest in JCM 800s but they don't seem very versatile. Those amps aren't really my only two options here, in fact there's a ENGL Powerball half stack €100 over my budget but I'm a teen with no job so that €100 may not be so easy to get unless I sell my old bugera 6262 combo.
i have a xxx, a xxx ii, a jvm and a mesa mark v. The xxx ii (jsx) competes well for thrash but the xxx is king. Jvm is meh. I actually like the crunch channel with a ts 808 for thrash better than either od's. I really wanna try a engl savage but they want too much.