Hi there. I have an issue ,when i play something on lower strings on guitar ,it doesn't sound like hi gain agressive stuff ,it sounds ok ,but it's missing gain i think. I read some post that it's pream tubes ,I tap them with pencil and hear tapping in speakers ,so i changed them but it's still same. I even tap the new one preamp tubes and i can hear tapping on the same positions like before. And what about power tubes? I tap them and 2 out of 4 make sound like something ringing in the bottle.But not extremly loud. Can this cause my problem? Thanks for all you answers.
I'd say get one new preamp tube and start changing one after another the positions, if it doesn't fix it, just get a spare set of power tubes and change these. Not sure if this amp is self biasing on power section, so you might need a tech to bias the amp.