I'm a clean tone jazz guy, and haven't been screwing around with pedals at all. Just bought an Fulltone OCD and can't for the life of me understand the positive/negative polarity, me being Swedish so I have a little trouble with technical terms in english, and I don't want to fry the damn thing.

The manual tells you to use a negative to center pin. 


Scroll down to page two and read '' DC POWER OPTIONS ''. I have never seen that diagram that is shown there anywhere else in my life.

I have an power supply from an Digitech pedal. This is the power supply : http://digitech.com/en/products/ps0913dc-01 ( mine has the european pins, not the american fork-like ones )

That power supply has this printed on it : http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTU2WDUwMA==/z/pcIAAOSwNnRYlexo/$_57.jpg

Will this work or will it be fucked?

I think what confuses me is that the Fulltone OCD manual has the dot and paranthesis switched.

Thanks in advance.
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If I remember correctly, most power supplies are standard negative center on their polarity. Fulltone pedals work with most any power supplies you can get.

I personally use different kinds of daisy chain or multi-pedal power supplies, like a Dunlop DC brick. It works on all my DC 9V pedals with no issue.

Also, printed on most power supplies is a schematic drawing of the polarity.

It will work. Imagine looking at the + and - drawing like you are looking down into the hole of the power supplies' barrel connector. The - points to the center because the center carries the negative current rail, the + points to the outside because the outside carries the positive rail.
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