So I got my Squier Affinity Strat, surf green.

The finish looks pretty boring, only with a bright light can it look nicer. How do i better the finish? Going for the actual Fender surf green, and not the budget squier paint.
Is the finish going dull or do you just not like the colour?
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I think your only option is a refinish.  Not a cheap option and probably not worth the money plus it'll kill resale value.
Not taking any online orders.
You could try sanding down the first few coats of lacquer and shooting a couple of coats of amber tint. That would make it look a little different.

But as CorduroyEW said , for an affinity strat you spending more than the guitars really worth.
black pickguard might make the colour pop more if you have a light one on it now. 
but you can't change the colour unless you change the colour. 
As Well-Hung suggests, drawing attention away from the finish might work. Fancier pickguards can be found at WDMusic, Greasy Groove and other websites for @$35+.* They, along with sites like Q-Parts, would also stock different knobs and switch covers.

So you could easily trick out your guitar for less than $100 in such a way that would make people miss the "plain-Jane" Green is not quite as nice as the ones on higher priced Fenders.

Plus, all of those mods would be 100% reversible.

* they don't stock pockguards for all Squier models, but most of those sites can and will make a custom guard if you send them a template.
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Another vote for a fancy pickguard if you are looking for less-boring. If you are into DIY, this offers all sorts of interesting possibilities, for example, clear acrylic decorated from the back. I use plain black, but I have made fancy fretboards Valco-style lap steels like that.