Ok, I'm in Overloud TH3, and I have the equivolent of the Mesa Boogie Mark II head.

I know what most of the knobs and switches do on this amp, except the three toggles at the top:


Now obviously the two SH ones are to do with treble and bass, but what is SH standing for here?  And deep?  Those just confuse me more than a little.

I've switched them and listened, but the one thing I know is that what the ears hear can sometimes be an "illusion" of sorts.  You can cut the treble and/or mids and give the sound of having "more bass", but the ear thinks you just boosted the bass lol.  So before I go playing around with these too much I want to know what they actually do?

I would look at the user manual for this info usually, but Overloud only provide what each amp is equivalent to, not what each knob and/or switch does.  Most of them are obvious, but those 3 boggle the mind a bit here heh.  I'm willing to bet I'm going to smack myself and do an epic face palm when someone that knows what these are lets me know lol.
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No worries, the fact that they do not tell you what they do is kind of their fault. I would guess the SH stands for "shape". So it adjusts what the treble or bass boost/cut looks like. It could adjust where the boost/cut is in the frequency spectrum: one way it may adjust a band of treble frequencies maybe around 5k-10k, and flipping the switch the other way may adjust 7k-15k. Or it may also just broaden the q range, so from 5k-10k, when switched it may adjust 2k to 15k.

Typically what I have heard a "deep" switch to do is it cuts mids to give the perception of a thicker bass response. Ultimately, not very useful considering the guitar is primarily a midrange instrument.
Just googled the mess mark ii. There's a few knobs that can be pulled and that acts as a switch. The treble and bass can be pulled for "treble shift" and "bass shift"

Treble shift seems like it's supposed to give a higher gain, fatter sound. Called "fat" on some other amps.

Bass shift "extends the low end frequencies in the preamp" so I'm guessing lower/more bass?

Edit: and seems like deep changes the frequency of the bass response. More of a bump up around 80-100hz
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