So currently I run a JCM 2000 DSL100 and a 4x12 carvin cab and a power attinuator...little did i realize how over powering it was in small gigs...currently the shows i play are too small and the amp has to be set on 2 without the tinny and up to 6 with the tinny. Reguardless, it's huge and heavy for just little power

Should i buy a small amp (like the orange micro dark) just for the ability to use it in these small gigs? I love my JCM but it's about half the entire weight of my setup. 

(if you have any amp suggesions it HAS TO have an FX loop because the 2 pedals i use are effects loop only!!)
I'm thinking gurg06 is on the right track In terms of volume.

In terms of further lightening your load for small-venue gigs, a different head might also be in order.  The Quilter Mach 2 or the Carvin V3M might be what you need.

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Smaller cab and less efficient speakers combined with your attenuator might be a good option, especially if your amp does give you the sound you want. Going to a smaller wattage isn't bad but take the amount of headroom into account. You don't want to end up with a loud enough amp that has no cleans

Anyway, what kind of sound are you looking for?
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If you pull out the DSLs two outer power tubes out of the 4 don't you get 50 watts? It used to be a trick for some Marshalls. Check manual before you do that as you can fry the transformer.

Maybe look at smaller amps, I have a Mesa Mini Rec and a 1x12 just for those gigs. Used to rock an Orange Tiny Terror for smaller gigs as well but it is single channel amp, great sounding, but I needed more versatility.
I find small amps temd to sound small and boxy (EL-84s and small OTs).

I prefer running a 40-50W amp through an attenuator. You mention you already use an attenuator? I'm wondering why that isn't working out for you. Is it not attenuating enough? Maybe try a re-amper such as the Power Station or Unleash?
karniboy98 I am a strong advocate of 1x12 combo amps for gigging.  I use the Lonestar Special from Mesa - 30 watts - it's never been past 5 on the master volume,  even at outdoor festival venues.  I think your problem is the head, not the cab. It's just too loud. My friend had that exact same amp and it 's a beast! Sounds amazing when you hit the sweetspot, but the sweetspot is way too loud. He actually brought that thing at a cottage jam once - it was hilarious.  

I would suggest buying a small combo from Marshall or Mesa.  30 to 40 watts is enough. 

The beauty of Mesa's is that they really excel at sounding great at any volume.  However they are expensive.
Like mentioned before , I would try a 2x12 or 1x12 if you like your sound before you lay money out for a amp .... 
8Len8 (late reply i never got notified for this thread till now -_-) I do have a tinny but it doesn't seem to attinuate much (and it wasn't cheap either) but it gets the total volume down about halfway, I just like cranked out amps. I think the idea of a smaller cab seems to be a better idea, I love my JCM so much, and though it is heavy, the 4x12 i have right now is still basically twice the weight, a smaller cab would lower the absolute weight of my setup and retain my sound and the 100 watts will provide a lot of headroom, thank you!
evening_crow Sorry about the late reply, UG didn't notify me about the thread updates

anyhow the sound i'm going for is pretty much what i got now, JCM 2000 with medium gain, extreme mids, and no effects
What about swapping the speakers out for some lighter weight magnets?  I forget the model but I know Celestion had one that is supposed to sound like a V30 but light weight - neo magnet I think.  Obviously research this on your own!!!
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Op, look into Orange Tiny Terror, maybe some of the 30 watt (or so) amps on the market, like Mesa Express 5:25, DSL40C, Laney IRT studio (30 watt), H&K Tubemeister, etc....
I think there was a 30 watt Bluesbreaker that Marshall is currently putting out as well.