My pinky is my weakest finger. I have a problem where whenever i use my pinky my ring finger always goes with it. I can never just place my pinky on a fret without my ring finger always backing it up for support. I also can't just lift up my ring finger if my pinky is placed down. How am I to prevent these things from happening? What can I do to strengthen my pinky so that it can move freely without the help of my other fingers?
The function of ring and pinky are linked to some extent, which is why fingerpicking don't normally use the pinky on there picking hand, but yours sounds like an extreme case. As Ed say, it might be worth getting it looked at, but the outcome might be that you have to modify your style. - Django Reinhardt got by with only two usable fingers
Any one seen this before?

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I'm going to guess it's muscle memory working against you. Place your hand flat on the table and aim to only lift your ring finger by a couple of mm - this might be as high as you can lift at this time without moving your pinky. Do it very slow, and pay close attention to the feelings in the pinky. Try and keep that pinky as relaxed as possible. You can do the same on guitar, just do it very slowly and pay close attention to the feelings in the fingers. You want every finger but the one you are moving to feel very relaxed.
It's going to take a lot of time and practice, don't give up.. one idea I had might be to practice your open chords and practice using your pinky to hammer on and off other strings while u do it.. For example when ur playing a C chord try hammering on and off the 3rd fret B string to make it a Cadd9.. try changing D to Dsus4.. this might work because your ring finger will be planted and it may get u used to moving your pinky independently