I've been doing some research on buying a guitar, so far from what I can tell I want to play some classic but most hard rock songs eventually. I imagine I could learn decently quick, because I already know a decent amount about how to play piano and drums, etc. I've heard that it is easier to learn new instruments the more you know, and that makes sense. Basically now I'm looking for advice for what to buy. I looked at the little guideline so here's my formatted advice thread I suppose.

 BUDGET : $300


NEW or  USED and ARE YOU WILLING TO ORDER ONLINE.  Definitely wanting to order online.

GIVE DETAILS: I live in the rural US, so it would be much easier for me to order the gear rather than going somewhere. Also, I'd rather have knowledgeable people such as you all give me advice, rather than someone that, worst case scenario, working at guitar center for minimum wage that doesn't know much about guitars, or is just trying to sell me the most expensive item.

Right now this is what I'm looking at:




Thanks in advance.
With a budget of 300 you can get your hands on a decent guitar to start with. I would use all the budget towards a guitar and look for an amp later on. Expect to spend at least another 300 on an amp that will get you started. In the mean time, until you get an amp, you can use amp sim software on your PC. 

I use exclusively Levys straps. I find them of great quality. I use the plain ones with suede ends. I am not sure if they are cotton or nylon (I think I have a bit of both).

For a beginner it is a huge risk to buy online rather than going into a store and get the guitar. Unless you have a guitar technician locally or your guitar teacher would set up your guitar for you, I would go into a store to buy a guitar. Get the guitar set up correctly before stepping out of the shop. If you buy online a guitar that is not set right you would still have to take the trip to a shop or store to get it set up correctly. Setups can be very expensive. Not sure on the prices in the US but here they start from around 50 and increase in price depending on the job.

I am a Fender guy so I tend to prefer Fender style guitars. I think with 300 you can get a good Squier new. Something better than a bullet or affinity series. If you consider used, you maybe able to get a used Fender made in Mexico for that money. Other brands also offer similar products but I am more familiar to Fender.
That guitar should be OK, Although I generally try and advise noobs to steer clear of a tremolo system, especially on budget guitars such as that, as they tend to be more of a pain in the ass than they're worth,  While the Fat 6 isn't too awful bad it does get mixed reviews so playing it safe with a good old stop or hard tail bridge is your safest bet,  Better to spend hours learning to play rather than figuring out how to get the damn tremolo to work properly so to say,  Also the non tremolo guitars tend to be set up a lot better straight out of the box and a lot more stable. 
As to an MG? I'm with monwobobbo, Just don't go there.  And the PC generated amp sims are OK as long as your PC is up to the task and a good interface is highly recommended.  Just plugging into your crappy PC via a USB can lead to some mad latency and other issues which in turn will have you pissed off in no time, in which case your better off buying an amp, Just not an MG, 
As to a strap? Strap is a strap,  I'm more concerned with strap locks than the strap itself,  But then again I have some very rare and expensive guitars that have no business hitting the floor,  Then again I also have straps that cost more than that guitar your looking at,  Lightning Storm, I see your going for that edgy metal look,  Cool.  Although I'd be willing to bet your going to be sitting most of the time until you get the hang of it,  
also don't forget your instrument cable/s,  Danm you'd be pissed if all this shows up on your doorstep and you discover you forgot the cable,   Also a bag of picks,  I haven't used in many years but when I did I discovered them suckers just had a way of disappearing into thin air,  Its just one of those life mysterys that can never be solved,  You may have better luck though, some people are OCD like that. 
Also a wall sized chord chart is quite handy, easier to see than your PC screen or printed out one, Also gives you something to hang on the wall for some décor, 
I got a really cool one I found at a garage sale,  Esteban, dude was selling the whole guitar package with videos and all. I was like I don't want that crap just the chord chart, that's bad ass, Got it for a buck,  Wonder if he was ever able to sell that POS guitar? 
Other than that a decent guitar, amp, accessories and the will to do it is all you really need, You should see some of the crap we had some 40 years ago, You kids got it easy. 
the strap is dope
amp is alrite..
learn how a setup is done and go find a used guitar
In my opinion it would be better to buy used. You can get more for your money. I've been playing for about 12 years, in that time i've learned a lot about guitars and honestly your best way to go is used. Only problem I see with that is the guitar could be setup somewhat badly, but I guess there's always that risk when you buy cheap, most of the cheap guitars I ever played needed to be setup. Meaning have their strings changed, bridge adjusted,intonation,etc...You can find Youtube videos on how to setup and get the most out of your guitar.

You'll get the most for your money buying used. I see similar Ibanez's on Craigslist EVERYDAY I swear, for around $80-100 . I constantly check Craigslist because i'm almost always looking for something to buy. You can also try 5miles,close5,and offerup. There's always people on there selling their guitar and amp as a package, plus you can always low ball people, just a little bit! 

Don't buy that Marshall, it's a waste of money LOL. If you really wanted it one like that you could probably find a used one for around 30 bucks

Where in the USA are you? I can search Craigslist for ya! Lol
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I would not recommend trying to setup the guitar yourself if you are a beginner, especially, if you do not have an engineering/ DIY background. Buying used gear as a beginner is a bit risky as you may not know what to look for in  a guitar but on the other hand you could get something better at the same price.
This is one of those questions in which 100 people will give you 100 different answers. Even on a limited budget, the options these days are nearly endless. I would also suggest looking at what's available on your local craigslist. IMO $80 is way overpriced for that amp. A 10w solid state amp is a very low end amp(disregard the marshall logo). It will get you started and be an OK practice amp but you can find something equal quality or better for half that especially if you look at used. Small solid state practice amps are a dime a dozen on the used market. 
Go used if possible from a reliable seller. Since you are just starting don't go to Craigslist or other sites with private sellers since you probably won't know what to look for if the guitar has issues. If you have a friend or someone you know that is an experienced player you may do it if you can take them along when you consider buying. I suggest if possible a local store that sells used but still have someone who is a player go with you. As for the Ibanez it's a nice starter but I agree with Nastytroll as a new player I'd steer clear of any elaborate trem system. The first time you try to change strings you'll know why you were warned. It takes a certain amount of experience to do it properly on an elaborate trem system and the ones on starter guitars are notorious for not staying in tune or have general tuning issues. It's just a hassle that you don't need when you are just starting to learn how to play. 
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
I would get a low end ESP LTD series guitar. About $200. Great guitars. Learn to set it up yourself from youtube. Easy. Even if you don't do a great job you can always pay somebody or have a friend do it later.

Orange makes good beginner amps. Fender Mustang or Champions are good. Somewhere around $100.

A strap is a strap to me. Put $.50 washers on your strap buttons to keep the strap secure. 

Hope this helps.