I'm looking to replace the Kluson Deluxe tuners on my Gibson LPJ 2013 (http://www.gibson.com/products/electric-guitars/les-paul/gibson-usa/lpj.aspx), but I'm having a hard time finding all the info I need. All I've been able to find out is that I probably need tuners that fit the ~10mm holes, so would these https://www.amazon.de/Planet-Waves-PWAT-331L-Auto-Trim-Machines/dp/B0002E2NC2?th=1 fit? Would I have to drill new holes? Are similar ones (black, back locking, autotrim) available cheaper?
Thanks in advance!
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eodynn In case anybody finds this wondering about the same thing, I ordered the Planet Waves and installed them. They fit the peg holes, but the screw holess are off by something a little less than 1mm. You could probably fix that by filling the old screw holes and drilling new ones, but you can also be a horrible person like yours truly and just screw them in anyway. It worked well enough for me!