I want to learn how to play a guitar so i bought an acoustic Cantabilen Guitar from eBay.
As i started watching tutorials on Youtube, i learned that String should be tunred like E-A-D-G-B-E before starting to play.
As so i installed a tuner on my smartphone and while i was trying to tune the guitar i found the notes sound like E-E-D-D-G-G.
I tryed adjusting the pegs in vain. So i am wondering what is wrong !? Is the guitar i bought bad ? 
What can i do to fix it?

Please help. 
This might help


It isn't going to be the guitar.  It is possible the strings you bought were matched wrong but it's more likely that you just aren't turning the tuners far enough to get the strings to pitch.  A new set of strings always feels tight and after 25 years of playing I'm still worried about breaking them during the 1st tune up.  Also make sure you are tuning in a quiet room because background noise will give you false reading with tuners and tuner apps.
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Hi CorduroyEW,

Thank you very much for your answer but it did not help.
The problem with these stupid videos is that they keep focusing on making the notes lower or higher when the big problem is how to change a string from one note to another.  
I got sick with this tuning thing so i decided for the last time to make it or break and indeed it worked for the 2th string it was an E and i made it higher an higher until it became an A. 
I was happy about it so I did the same for the 3th String which is an G so i made it higher and higher ... and even more higher until i broke it (Boooom). Now i remember that i should'nt touch that String , damn it i was too excited.
So now i need to buy a new metal String. Luckily i learned how to change one and hopefully it does not cost too much. 
So i'll keep on truying until i end up getting the right notes or break the String one by one, i only need eye glasses for security i think.
(Fuck the Guitar and it's Strings)

Anyway thanks for help.
Hi again,

I got my courage back and i came back and retuned my Guitar. I made it finally to get the EADGBE notes and i learned that it was my fault to break the G String because i went too High before testing Lower enough.
Now all i need is buying a new string and learn how to add it.
I got my motivation back.

Thanks again.
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There's actually a lot to know about replacing strings, how to position them in the peg hole and how to use the peg, how to attach the string to the post, whether to wind clockwise or counter clockwise, how much slack to keep on the string before winding., pulling on the string to pre-stretch it..........it goes on and on.
One severe mistake you made was tuning too high - that will ruin the neck and/or bridge if you do it on enough strings.  When replacing strings a good policy is to leave it one step down , stretch it then slowly tune up to standard.  In the case of the G you would tune it to F, give it a stretch then slowly up to G.
I have my beginners tune a step below standard (DGCFAd) for a while til their fingertips get some thickness added to the skin.
All this info is on the Forum here so have a look around.