I am into learning the chords of this song... of the acoustic version (No capo, not studio version)

I get that it starts with F#, D, A, E . Then, -- F#, D, A, ??? (this chord I don't know).

He plays it at the 0:14  mark. I also had a picture at 0:48 mark.

Maybe someone could know it just by ear. It looks "simple", in the way that... anyway, I just can't figure it out... it looks like one of these octave chords?
2nd and 4th fret are used, finger there. maybe on the 3rd too...

looks like  e : ? (0) or (x)
                B : ? (0) or (x)
                G : 3
                D : 4
                A : 2
                E : 0
It just doesn't seem to do sound right??
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I think it's x24400 , a B power chord shape with the open strings, which would make it Bsus4. 2nd time, not as many strings are sounding. Note he also plays the open A string to move from the Bsus4 back to the F#.
NSpen1 It does sound pretty close to it. There might be a slight variance between the few times he plays it. 
Music to ease the soul.
Yeah, that's the second time when he's barring the two notes at the 4th fret with his 4th finger, in which case the highest two strings may be muted. If I was playing x24400 I would use fingers 1, 3 & 4, and that does sound right to me for the first occasion he plays it. If you're barring with your 4th finger, you could also play x24440 and have all notes sound, depending on if your finger cooperates.
NSpen1  That makes a lot of sense. I see his index finger possibly doing the (x) on the E string, and pressing the A string down. I think his third finger is close to the strings (and fret) but not changing the sound. Then, yes, that "barre" with the 4th finger. I'd use 2 fingers to do that. I tried this chord yesterday, and it sounded the closest to anything I had tried before. Thanks a lot NSPen1! 
Music to ease the soul.