We were supposed to be heading to see Muse tonight but the tickets we purchased last week and were supposed to be delivered by mail haven't showed up yet DOS!!!! I already dished out the rest of my paycheck but I managed to reserve two lawn seats for $35 (talked down from 90). Can anyone help a fellow musician out and send 35 to my PayPal, and has anyone else ever gone through this???
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Sorry, but just no. If what you say is true, that sucks, but I can't encourage anyone to send money to a stranger over PayPal. I'll close the thread and if you have any issue, you can PM me or the other mods. Not sure if begging for money is technically against the rules but it sure isn't in good taste.

You're an user from 2012 with plenty of IQ so you can't really be a spambot but this is shady anyway. If you legitimately want to discuss how much it sucks to lose tickets over something like this, consider making a thread in the pit without the money request part.
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