Hey all!

First post, and Im sure there are similar threads but I cannot find a resolution to my issue,

I recently took on a rebuild of an older Warmoth strat. I decided to go with a dual humbucker, 3 way lever config.
I had a set of EMG 81/85 sitting on the table that I pulled out of an LTD.

I have only ever installed using a 3 way TOGGLE opposed to the LEVER style switch.
So My question is how do you wire a 3-way lever switch correctly?

I have triple checked the wiring diagram but Im still having issues. 
MY tone and volume have no control over the volume. The 3 way lever switch isnt controlling pick up position.
Both pick ups are on all the time with no volume or tone control no matter where the lever is positioned.

I attached a picture of the wiring.

A common problem with lever switches is connecting all of the pins. I run into this all the time. That is why they started adding extra poles to switches. Check that first, as those are the symptoms that go with that issue.