I own a p93 riviera with a bigsby tail piece. Sure it looks beautiful but stringing it is a pain, want to swap out for either fixed stop tail or trapeze, I often play with distortion, my question is which one and why? I am leaning towards trapeze just to keep that vintage vibe and semi hollow body feel.
I tried swapping a stop tailpiece for a reso type on a 335 knockoff with good pickups, just out of curiosity. The sustain was only so-so to start with, and the reso tailpiece made it worse. The difference was enough that I swapped it back straight away.
That is an option, but im really just looking to get rid of the bigsby altogether. I hardly use it. Thinking either fixed or trapeze.
 Replacing it will be more expensive and it will leave holes in your body. The trapeze tailpiece holes likely won't match your Bigsby holes. And you'll probably need to go to a luthier to get the stop tailpiece to get installed. I would just go for the cheapest and easiest solution to solve your issue. You want something that makes string changes easier. The spoiler or stop tailpiece are the easiest. I don't think it's worth getting rid of the Bigsby.
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The spoiler or stop tailpiece are the easiest.
Really? I would imagine a trapeze would be much easier than a stop tailpiece as there's only a couple of screw holes to worry about and you're golden.
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