Hi, I own a kh602 with a floyd rose 1000 and warlock with a bc rich trem (which suprisingly holds tuning well.)
Both of these tremolos can handle everything I throw at them apart from when I pull up. When I pull up, once I've realesed, all of the strings will go sharp. To return to the correct pitch I have to push down on the bar. It's weird because I can push the bar all the way down so that it touches the body and its perfect, but as soon as I pull up everything goes sharp. Does anybody know what could be causing this?
Also, when pulling up there is a clicking/creeking noise coming from the nut that only happens when pulling up, dont know if that might suggest anything...


Edit - when i say pull up, I dont mean realese the bar from a divebomb or anything. I mean pull up from paralell position.
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Take your string locks off and tighten the screws that hold the nut in place. Then put the string locks back on.

Doing this helped for me, but your issue may have a different cause
If your nut is top mounted (which most are nowadays) just make sure to not over tighten them and strip the holes/wood.  If that doesn't do it you may just need to tighten the nut blocks tighter.  The strings could be slipping the one way but not the other.  Yes it's possible.