Ok, so ive never owned a small scale guitar that i can take with my on my travels so id like to ask a few questions. Ive been looking at the Jackson Minion series as they look (and apparently sound)  pretty good for what you pay. Are these tuned to standard tuning as per a full size guitar?? 

Also does anyone here own a minion and recommend it? Ive seen a few mixed reviews, but id like to actually see it together with another guitar if anyone has any pics?


These don't make sense to me, except as a kid's  (under about 11 years old) guitar. Otherwise, why shorten the scale a couple of inches but leave the long pointy headstock and, in the case of the RR version, that long pointy upper bout. I'll bet those points travel well. 

I happened across a guitar that will travel well that is NOT a travel guitar, that has a full 25.5" or even 27" scale, that comes with 24 frets. It's a headless guitar (Kiesel makes them, Strandberg, others) and most of them are in the 31" range (compared to an ordinary 41" length strat-style guitar).  The body is also shortened. And the weight is down around 6 lbs.
I just bought one. Wanted to try something.. different. I will gladly talk about it.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
Update: Review

1- This thing is really tiny. Felt like I was holding a toy.
2- Strings tuned finely, except the low e.
3- Playing a simple e chord or f chord sounded bad. I thought it was my amp at first. Nope, the pickups. They are terrible.

I am sending it back for a full refund. I ended up buying an ESP M-10.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
Update: More In Depth Review

I picked one of these up since the reviews looked and sounded good and I wanted something different. Well, I did get something "different".

It arrived and I unboxed it. First thought; "Man is this small". I figured lets tune it, plug in and thrash away. Guitar needed tuning, since it was new out of the box, I assumed so. All the strings would not stay in tune. I went ahead and performed a set up, but, some adjustments such as intonation and so on were not working out to well. Simple open and power chords sounded bad.

The pickups, poor. Fuzzy and muddy sounding, very low end.
Chance favors the prepared mind.