Ok, I've got myself setup with a nice system now, but even before hand... I've always had a problem.

Ground Loop Hum.

I used to think it was due to poor wiring in my guitar, no insulating copper in the guitar + having fans and other things on + the pc... well, I just did a bit of a test now that I have my focusrite and rockit 6.

I turned everything down on the focusrite, and I mean all knobs (even one's not dealing with input 1), turned every frequency I could with my DAW down, and while my instrument sound went bye-bye the hiss did not.

(every knob at 0 on the focusrite, even monitor)

So what I'm thinking is it is the computer system itself.  I've tried two different usb slots, but they both have the same issue and shouldn't be part of the same usb line.  (two different controllers)

Then I noticed, moving the mouse creates further glitching in the sound (a higher pitched hiss/buzz).  So it is something to do with the pc itself.

Any ideas?  The sound is constant even with the focusrite (scarlet 2i4) turned up the hiss is the same.  digital noise of some sort here.
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Uh... no idea.  Amazon Basics usb cable.  (A male to B male)
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The ferrite core gets rid of some electrical interference so if you don't have one then you should get one.  It also wouldn't hurt to place your sound card IO box as far from your PC as possible.  The further it is from the PC the less noise it'll pick up from the PC.  I would also double check your impedances are set correctly.  Some soundcards have physical buttons and pots to adjust impedance while others use software.  Generally the interface will also let you choose a DBU setting. the most common options are +4 (Consumer),  line, and -10 (pad).  Higher dbu settings introduce more system noise so you want to use -10 whenever you can but it is not always possible.
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If you unplug the guitar lead does the hissing stop? If so it may be a cheap badly shielded lead. How close are the Rokits to your pc? Could it be the amplifiers picking up interference directly?

You should turn down the gain on the Rokits to as low as possible. I.e. The loudest is the loudest sound you will ever go up to.

The shielded usb cable is worth a try, if you put the focusrite to direct monitoring mode is there a hiss?
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