sry I've listened a couple times but never got around to the crit. I'll do it later tonight when I'm home. I gotta say though, I loved the rhythmic playfulness of it.
I'm going through it again now. The switch to triplets near the start is so cool, I love that kinda stuff. Would you want to add vocals to this? I mean it seems like there's space for them.

Oh my fuuuck 41 is so good. Just kind of soaking in all this techy stuff, don't really have any criticisms.

It's kind of interesting that the most chaotic stuff happens in the middle, and it's flanked by two relatively chill albeit still dark sections. There seems to be a slow sort of "breakdown" in the first 40 bars that eventually leads to 41, but where exactly that goes symbolically is still not exactly apparent to me (i mean, it doesn't have to be, it's still a good song).  are you still working on bar 70 onward? just wondering what "fix" means lol. the transition is pretty sudden at 70 but in context i guess it could work.
No stress about the time it takes, this forum is pretty damn dead and just getting a reply with some constructive criticism at this point is appreciated enough.

Vocals are always pretty flexible to me, a lot of busy tech death stuff gets away with vocals because screams can be layered in very non-invasive ways harmonically. The end of the song definitely lends itself to more melodic vocals, so I might work on that eventually.

I took what you said about the last song I posted to heart though, you mentioned a lot of my music being very similar and I suppose this was an attempt to deviate from that slowly. I think the middle section is sort of a stubborn piece of my roots etching his way through, but it's also reflective of the way I was thinking and feeling at the time.

I think the transition at 70 and the bridge from 70 to 77 are the weakest sections but at this point I've been listening to it this way for so long I have trouble hearing it   another way, if you know what I mean. I just forgot to fix the markers up this time, but I'm open to ideas about that section.

Everything after that, the more black metal section and the ending, I feel are pretty complete, they are sparse and repetitive but by design.
yeah the first 40 bars are definitely unique, and different from your usual stuff. I'll try to think of ideas for 70 once I listen again