Hey guys, i've never bought a second hand guitar and I was looking at a second hand strat because I have an ESP LTD that just isn't good for clean sounds.
I was looking at this guitar on ebayhttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2013-Fender-Stratocaster-Guitar-Sunburst-Ex-Condition-/272661139805?hash=item3f7bded15d:g:k0YAAOSw53NY-Q7J
I would like to know, is this an acceptable price point (Does it seem too good or too expensive) and will I be dissapointed  with the quality? I belive it's the Mexican stratocaster.

My alternative is spending about £100 and buying a new Crafter Relevation which is sort of a fender wannabe, but is that a good idea?

Any insight appriciated.
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Not a steal but not a bad price. This will be be better than a cheapie for sure

Yea. Since it's collection only, you wouldn't want to travel too far for the deal, especially if using public transport.
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