Does anyone here use a Boss RB-800 Digital Recorder?

I'm thinking of buying one but I'd like to hear some opinions about it before.

Above all I'm interested to know what the sound results are when you connect the line out of your amp to the line in of the Boss unit.

Thank you.
Personally I like the hands on workstations over a computer based system for a number reasons. It is portable and more useful for live recording and has no problems with latency, interfaces, system conflicts, updating drivers etc. I suggest that for almost the same money you can get a 24 track Tascam. I have the original Tascam 2488 24 track (4 track simultaneous recording 24 track playback) that I bought in 2005 and it still works great. Last year I saw a Tascam DP24 (8 track simultaneous recording 24 track playback) on sale for $350 so I bought it. It works great and offers a lot more than the BOSS BR-800 which is only 4 track recording with 8 track playback. From what I read the BOSS BR-800 no longer allows you to edit a track like on the older BR-600. The Tascam does all of the cut and paste and editing with a nice color screen. Just a thought.


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You sure you don't mean the BR-800 recorder (not the RB-800)?

It is a robust machine and can do pretty much everything. It has limitations as to how many tracks you can record at the same time and I think 16 tracks max plus a midi drum machine track. It has an ageing editor/librarian for PC, so see if that is not a hurdle. I remember using one at a time and it had a really cool drum machine editing program for PC where you can do all your drum parts and then load that into the machine, which will then use Boss' drum machine sounds and it was very advanced and hands on for the time, you could get results quick.

It also has a built in guitar processor, something like the GT-6 if not mistaken, so it should get you decent guitar sounds in the box. I wouldn't use your amp line out as usually that is not very good. What kind of amp? I use a H&K Redbox DI that goes between the speaker out and my amp's speaker and that sounds fantastic.

The Tascam might be another option as suggested above. The Boss has more midi drum options if you want to program but again it might be a little aged for what you're trying to achieve. Very good unit, regardless.
Are you talking about the Tascam DP-03SD recorder?

I don't care for drum options whatsoever. All I want is to record guitar (and bass) and I want the recorded sound to be the same as coming from the amps.

I use a Boss Katana Head and a Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus.
I am a huge Tascam fan. I have been using Teac/Tascam machines since I bought my Teac 3340 back in 1975. I have been through a long list of Tascam Portastudios and bought my Tascam 2488 (24 track) about 15 years ago after getting frustrated with my Roland VS 1680 (16 track). When Tascam came out with the DP-24 with actually knobs for EQ, pan, effects etc. I had to go with it especially because I knew the quality of the machine and the price was incredibly low ($350 sale at Musicians Friend last year). So I upgraded. I like actual hands on knobs and faders.

After that ramble you are asking about the DP-008 which I have worked on with my friend who was new to recording. I think it does an excellent job even though it's mostly menu driven. I also own the DP-004, that is the little brother of the DP-008 and I use it often to do live recording of my band (direct out from the board) and the recordings are perfect (I wish the bands playing was). The DP-008 is a very good deck, very portable and I found it mostly user friendly. A lot will depend on your knowledge of recording. 
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I might take this in another direction, but the Katana has built in recording via USB if I am not mistaking. Also I am not sure it will be the kind of amp that I'd care to mic and record as I am most likely able to come up with much better sounds with my software...not that your approach will be wrong but it is a modeling amp that has USB out for PC recording.
I'm going to try this: 

Katana head line out jack into Tascam line in jack for mono recordings 

Roland JC-40 left and right line out jacks into Tascam line in jacks for 'stereo' recordings 

I'm not going to use PC for recordings. That's not my cup of tea.