Hi there! 

I got a Morgan w510 at the moment which have been a nice guitar but after hanging on the wall for 5 years and having the bridge glued back and the neck serviced its not quite the same as when i first got it.  So well im looking for a new one but its somewhat limited what i can try here where i live. 

Im somewhat of an aggressive strummer that like a good bass sounds but hardly a clue on all the different guitars and how they sound, which wood is good for low end and so on.  If anyone has any advice on a strummers delight with great low end id be most grateful. Or even just a string change? 

Ill be getting the GS mini once i find a second hand deal so its fine to skip that one.

I'd say to give a mahogany dreadnought with phosphor bronze strings a try. Maybe even a jumbo, if you're comfortable with the size. 
Perhaps a used Guild D25?
I'd suggest rosewood with a spruce top.  Rosewood give better bass response than mahogany. and much much better bass than maple.  Sitka spruce is a lot harder to find than it used to be but it's more rigid than lutz and engleman so it's the best bet if you can find it in your budget but if you can't find sitka in your budget any spruce will work .  I would stay away from cider because although it's a fantastic tonewood with great low end it tends to sound overdriven when you strum hard.  If you are playing unplugged a dread is probably the best body shape but they can sound boomy if you play plugged in.  If you want something that can be plugged in then go with a jumbo or mini jumbo because they are big enough to give great low end and the tighter waist prevents the boominess in the lower midrange that a dread shape gives you.  Jumbos can be hard to find in anything other than maple but if you find yourself looking at a maple jumbo or mahogany dread the maple jumbo will still give you a better low end.

Because you are a heavy strummer I would steer away from taylor.  Taylor tops are very thin and light which makes them very responsive but they don't handle heavy strumming as well as guitars based on martin style guitars with heavier tops.
Not taking any online orders.

Yeah, I've also got misgiving about Taylors for heavy strumming, because they are very open-sounding, but I'm a big fan of their technology.

My choice for that style would be a big Gibson (jumbo or dread)  of some kind, but they don't come cheap. Maybe an Epi or some kind of Gibson knockoff, eg Tanglewood or Recording King, but it would be a question of try it and see. Rosewood Martin style dreads have good cutting power in acoustic ensemble playing.
Thank you all for the excellent replies so far. Now i have a much better idea of what to look for. Ill probably go for a DR as i find that to be big enough for me size wise and i dont plug in much. Hopefully i get a chance to try one with Rosewood at the end of the week

I just got a full electric guitar setup 3 weeks ago on a bit of an impulse too but im really a acoustic guy so i hope to sell that and put a little extra into the acoustic.
Although a Taylor the 210 DLX seems like an excellent choice and i can get a  for a discount and it comes with a hardcase which is excellent for keeping humidty. I also got one from 2010 at half price used. https://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/210-dlx

This one from Seagull is also interesting but will cost me 250$ more http://www.seagullguitars.com/en/products/11-maritime-sws-rosewood-semi-gloss-qit
Tony Done Yep, seems to have all the right woods in there and from the demos on youtube it sounds good but you cant quite base it on that. Im going to hold out a little on bying it i think and hope to a demo of one, well any Taylor and hopefully a Gibson/ephi to hear the difference. Really want to nail the sound for me this time around. And well i really dont have to go on vacation this year. Feel free to point out other gems too
There are a couple of ways that you can take the edge off the sound to get more of a thump. One is brass pins, which add mass to the bridge, and another is a lute hole, which reduced the effective size of the soundhole and lowers the guitars air resonance frequency.

One caution about Gibson - the tone of individual guitars seems to vary a lot, so I wouldn't buy one by mail order.
Tony Done Thanks for the tips. Any mail order is what im hoping to avoid. If im bying new online it isnt a problem as i can return it within 2 weeks regardless.

Im going to try the brass pins and The bronze phosphor strings on the Morgan and see how it sounds while looking for a new. I have to change strings anyway as one broke a couple of days ago. 
I went by a family owned guitar shop today and asked if they had any Taylors in which they didnt. they felt they wernt all that great and for example Ayers was much better for what you got. Anyone got some experience with these?  I tried one but they only had that one right now and it had a crack and wasnt set up. No big deal and it sounded quite good but a tad small bodied perhaps. It was a mahogany bottom and spruce top i believe 
IIRC, and it's a long time ago so I could be wrong, Gerard Gilet designed Ayers as his importer brand, then sold the mark to someone else. My mate used to keep a fair stock of them in his shop. My view was that they were OK but nothing special, I never had the urge to buy one, certainly not in the same class as Taylor design-wise. I tried a used one recently, and it was a clunker.
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Tony Done thanks for the input. He seemd quite interested in selling me one of these and I tend to trust people with no agenda  more.  Even if that was long ago  I'm thinking the Taylor is a safer bet