I bought a Ibanez Jem 555bk a while back and now there is a problem with one of the connectors(mounting stud) which are pierced through guitar's body to hold the bridge on guitar.one of them has kinda jumped out of its place I noticed the problem when I used the bar and pulled it upward( the bridge goes down)  and there was some sort of sound like something being pressed hard being made by bridge ,
here are the photos :

wanted to ask you guys how bad is it? and what are the solutions infront of me? does it need an expert touch?
It needs taking out, putting a small amount of superglue in the walls of the hole and putting back in again. Nothing to it.

The sound you're hearing when you're pulling the bridge that is exactly what it seems. The bridge is hitting the floyd cavity because you've reached the end of the bridge's travel when pulling up.
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