I had saved a vid on my external HD which has crashed and now I desperately want to find a video that I had previously dowloaded off of facebook but I'm sure its on youtube somewhere. Its a video of an eastern indian man playing lead on electric guitar and hes using a very unique type of tremolo bar action while doing descending licks. It is traditional eastern indian scales hes using. He does this for like 12 or 14 minutes. I believe it was a hollowbody electric black in color. Kind've a dark video and he may be sitting. Plz post link if you know which I'm talking about.
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How long ago did you download it. You can search your activity on FB by narrowing down the day you downloaded it. You may have liked the video as well.
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I think you are referring to an "oud". Here's a link to a guy playing an electric oud. Go ahead and skip ahead to about the 2 minute mark because the guy who made the video had verbal diarrhea and wouldn't start playing for a couple minutes. 

Thanks for trying. I dont think it will be found. None of the above are correct. Its a hollow body electric guitar. I promise. Looks like it was made in 90s with VCR quality. No speaking.
>east indian

well which is it
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you know, this actually sounds familiar

but if i can't find that great porn i saw 2 months ago how am i gonna find some guitar vid from years ago
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December 14, 2017
>eastern indian

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