Hey guys, my following wonder is this:

Currently, I own two ESP/LTD guitars, an ESP/LTD EC 1000 VB and an ESP/LTD F-350 BLK. I have no bad words to say to any of these guitars. These guitars are perfect, if we're talking about the sound. 

First of all, I bought the LTD F-350 and used it for like an year. Played gigs, recorded an album with it and I must say, that guitar had a beautiful sound. A full HH set with 81 EMGs equipped and for metal it's awesome. 

The reason I stopped playing it was because of the Floyd Rose bridge system. Found out I'm not a big fan of it. That's where the LTD EC 1000 VB came. As all ESP/LTD guitars, this one wasn't a disappointment. The sound of these beast was incredibly powerful, exactly what I needed for metal. The only thing I have negative to say about this guitar is that I didn't think that it's shape, a Les Paul shape, would be such an inconvenience. 

Compared to it's predecessor, it's a much robust and bigger guitar, heavier (not sound specific, weight specific) and the neck it's thicker. All that combined delivering a big minus for my 1000 VB because I needed it for fast solos, shreddings and tapping. The biggest minus I have for this is that being a Les Paul shape, I have much more problems accessing the higher notes because of it's shape. If I'm standing on a chair it's no problem, I can handle it, but it's difficult while standing up.


So, while I was at work (I work as a web developer at a music store) and whilst I was checking some products at I stumbled upon one of their guitars. It was a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1. The design was beautiful, I give them that, the specs caught my attention and the shape of the guitar was the exactly the one I needed. 

My question is this: How does the Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 stands against EMG 81/85, 81/60, 81/81 (because I read it has 66/55 and I'm honestly looking forward of changing them if I don't like the sound of it) and if any of you guys happened to be in my situation, which one would you pick? The Schecter or one of those ESP/LTD's?
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I own a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 with the EMG 57/66 pickup set. It lives up to every dollar spent and these are the only EMG pickups I actually like so far. Only problem I had was that the guitar didn't come "set up to play" as it said on the sticker on the back of the guitar. 
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I own a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 with the EMG 57/66 pickup set. It lives up to every dollar spent and these are the only EMG pickups I actually like so far. 

Do you use your guitar for metal genre? As in death metal, melo-death metal, heavy metal? Genres like that?
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jaqchirac All directly from the manufacturer. I don't trust music stores and their gimmicks when it comes to large purchases.  

How do you buy a Schecter directly from the manufacturer?
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dspellman buy it from Schecter and not from Guitar Center or some other music store. 

Ah. Actually, you're buying from the importer, not the manufacturer. They're made in South Korea, and *that's* the manufacturer.

In the past, retailers insisted that the importer not sell the guitar in competition with them, but with Guitar Center and some others failing to maintain minimum stock levels (or pay their bills), some importers are willing to sell direct at agreed-upon MAP prices. When I wanted my first Variax JTV-89F, Guitar Center had it nowhere in the system. So I had to order it, which meant that the Pasadena Guitar Center had to order it from their fulfillment center (in, I believe, Kentucky), and they had to order it from Line 6 in Calabasas, which is about an hour's drive from me.
dspellman oh, well yea it is made in south korea. I don't see a problem with it though, SK has pretty good quality control. I mostly play hard rock and metal on it. It can probably be used for other genres but I switch to my C-1 classic when I want to play blues, jazz, or something like soft rock. 
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