So I came across a Stella Tenor guitar at a Goodwill.  Not in the best of condition, but not terrible either. When I first got it, I had strung a couple used strings just to hear what it sounds like and it still sounds good. I've looked for tenor guitar string packs. and have struggled  to come across them. I found some information stating banjo players often used tenor guitars as a 'transitional' instrument. This is because it uses the same tuning as a banjo. But I don't know if you can or should use banjo strings on a tenor guitar.  Anyone out there have a tenor guitar properly strung or knows what gauge strings to use? Please help. Am excited to get this bad boy sing again. Thanks in advance. Keep on rockin'!!!!1 
I took these directly from a page on the "Gold Tone" tenor guitar:   Strings: CGDA - .035w, .024w, .014, .008  (Note the tuning)

Gold Tone are mostly involved with banjos, so I guess they know what they're talking about. If that .008 string is tuned to A4, plan on breaking a crap load of them.. (That's the oft recommended string for the G3 octave string on the 12 string). I tune it to F4 (1 step down, and they still break).

Of course, if the tenor guitar has a short scale, less tension is needed to bring it to pitch. Good luck...
Thank you so much Captaincranky!!!! I had come across that tuning at one point in my research. Couldn't recall it, so thank you again. And I very much appreciate you taking time to respond. What a great community here on UG.com. I was hoping I would find someone with enough experience to give me some sound (no pun intended) advice/tips. And what great pointers. I do believe there are less frets on the tenor than on a standard guitar. Do you have any recommendations on good sites with detailed explanations of the science behind the guitar?(ie. tensions, all the stuff you're talking about.)