Hi all!
I just wanted to introduce myself and my new music shop in Plainville, CT Martel Music! Visit us at www.MartelMusicStore.com

A little backstory on me and Martel Music...

I grew up in a musical family as many do.  My grandfather owned and ran a successful full line music store for many decades in Fitchburg, Mass.  He and my father were both drummers, and I always had a set around to bang on, but for some reason it never really resonated with me.  It wasn't until one member of his sales team but a cheap Hondo guitar in my hands and showed me how to hold the strings and strum the chords, G, D, A.  I remember clear as day.  It was in that moment when i was able to push the pick across the strings and hear that power of the guitar that I found my calling. I was inspired and that Hondo came home with me.  That Hondo turned into a Peavey Predator Plus and then an Epiphone LP and so on.  I had the bug.  I had the high school bands, went to school for music and sound engineering, travelled as a musician and did years of audio work.  I always just enjoyed the experience of the gear though, that was always a constant.  I quickly learned that I loved the idea of continuing on the legacy of my last name.  I worked for the big online musical retailer, and for the small boutiques. I learned the ins and outs of big/small business, how to run/how not to run a store, made contacts, customers and absorbed as much as I could.  It all prepped me for my end goal...Martel Music. Fast forward to today. We are open, 2 months in and it's doing great with a grand opening June 10th! Our community loves having a local music store for our lessons, repairs, events/clinics and that old school shop talk.  We carry all different instruments at all price points, everything from classic brands to the new & unusual boutique style.  I ask you to check out our site, and follow us on facebook, instagram, twitter...and let us know what you think!




Corey Martel