Hey everyone. I ask an awful lot of questions on this forum so sorry if I'm really pissing you off with how annoying I can be. But for the past couple of weeks, I've been so un-satisfied with the bands I'm playing, like I can't get hyped up with their music, or I can't end up sounding like them. Maybe this is a sign for me to start making my own songs?
Sure, write your own songs if that's what you want to do, but if the music that you listen to/play at the moment doesn't really inspire you much, I think you should find something different. Try a new genre or something. Your own music would probably not sound that much different from the bands that you have been listening to/whose music you have been playing, so if you feel like you are stuck, writing your own stuff may not help.

But yeah, writing your own stuff is always cool, and if that's what you want to do, just start doing it.
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I agree with the above comment. Write your own if you feel you can or at least want to try. On the other hand there is a ton of music out there and if what you are currently listening to or playing is boring you and not inspiring you, maybe it's time to open yourself up to other styles and genres. You only limit yourself by not exploring other styles or playing just one genre of music. You need to challenge yourself and step out of the box.
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Listen to many different genres.
this soaks into your brain,when you come to writing you may end up 
doing something that is your mixture of what you been listening to.
eg. original! 
you'll never develop a writing muscle if you don't train it. you should constantly be writing music, just don't expect more than .01% of it to be very good for a while
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