Ok, so I'm fairly new to guitar (not a complete noob but not great either) but just wanted to sharey personal experience that I've had the last 2 days with my prs se custom 24 with a floys rose that I could not for the life of me figure out. So everytime I would strum the strings fairly hard I would get this loud really annoying rattle and couldn't 100% trace where it was coming from. I just got this guitar and kept thinking ok, I just need to do a good set up on it. But as I kept looking at the guitar I realized it's not set up half bad. Sure the strings could be a little lower and the floyd leveled out a tad but surely this couldn't be the issue. It wasn't till this evening I was playing and my hand skid across the middle of the neck and that annoying rattle stopped. I removed my hand and strummed and along and behold, the hideous rattle appeared. Put my hand in the middle of the neck amd it dissappeared again. I decided to take the truss rod cover off and grabbed my adjustment wrench and ever so slightly (maybe a 1/10 of a turn clockwise looking down at the bottom of the guitar) tightened the truss rod. Strummed the strings and that rattle was finally gone. Finally it was gone!! So to anyone out there that may be new or even experienced players. If you have a rattle and can't figure it out give this a shot. My truss rod just needed a little bit of tension on it to prevent it from rattling. DISCLAIMER: I don't recomended doing this if you have no idea what you are doing as you can damage your guitar neck if overdone. Find a fellow guitarist to assist you or take it to your local music store.
You have to feed the Eastern Diamondback they've incorporated into the neck or it'll get pissed off and let you know.
Says so in your owner's manual.
That's what it was!! Maybe I shouldn't squish a mouse down in there.