I'm looking at purchasing an Ultramafic pedal board kit but I'm a little confused. It comes with 10' of cable but only 10 plugs? Is this 10 plugs or 10 pairs of plugs for making a complete patch cable? 10 plugs is only enough for 5 pedals....you'd have like 6+ feet of cable left? I emailed Lava Cable but they simply haven't responded in over a week so.
It's probably 10 plugs, so enough for 5 cables, or 6 pedals-worth.  They'll give you more cable because you might want longer cables than a "normal" 6" patch cable, and the cable itself is probably cheap as chips.  I certainly find that, on my pedalboard, I needed a few patch leads longer than the standard short cables.  It's also going to enable you to have the pedals lined up in a way that works for you physically as well as tonally, if that makes sense.  For example, I have my Wah wah pedal on the far left of the board, but the compressor is actually wired to be first in the chain