As the title says. Do any of you guys know, how to get a Slash-ish tone on the Boss MD2?

Thanks in advance.
Probably not going to get close, depending on your amp, etc, but since you're probably asking because you've already got the pedal than I'll give it a try:

Start with the level around noon
Bottom dialed back around 9 o'clock
Tone at 12 o'clock
No distortion to start
Gain around 12 o'clock

Start there and add whatever you need, gain, dist. Roll off the tone, etc...

Again, not the best pedal and it really depends on your amp. Do you have any other effects pedals?
your best bet is to probably use the distortion and gain controls separately- if you do that, with the distortion control on zero and only using the gain control for dirt, you'll get a sort-of overdrive type of sound, and doing the opposite, with the gain on zero and only using the distortion control for dirt, you'll get more of a DS1 type of sound. both together will get you that more nu-metal type of tone, which you really don't want (and also you want to go easy on the bottom and tone controls as well for that same reason- you probably want to keep both below 12 o'clock).
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