Help plz guys... i have a ibanez rg550xh it has a edge II tremolo. What happened is some days back i dont know why i tweaked truss rod.. i totally loosened it .. and at the same time my one string( it was too old it would've anyways broken).. so i bought new set daddario NYXL 10-46 which is same as before. Restrung all and adjusted truss rod with little back bow and action acc to me with no fret buzzez. DOWN Tuned to D# which i always use....
All the strings feel a liitle loose even if tune to standard E it is so irritating.. i have to tune half step up from E to get the same tension i got before in d# down tuning .. i know i hv done smthng wrong bt i cant figure out.. plz help guys ... it is the only guitar i have n i cant play it.. u guys know the feeling
Are you sure 10-46 is the same set you were using previously? It sounds like you were using a heavier set.
guitarkid8no i was using the same for sure .. i can easily see the diffrence because.. 1. i always use this same sets only, so i very much know the feel of the strings.. 2. It actually is loose .. i have to tune to e standard to get a little comfortable tension.. but i am a down D# tuning player , i dont like stndrd e wht should i do man life sucks
Tony Done no ways i am using this same set for 6 months i am pretty much committed to it now .. there is nithing wrong with the strings m sure
10s in E standard should not feel particularly loose. Could be that you are used to a thicker gauge.

Apart from physically stretching the new strings by hand (which you should really be doing anyway) or using heavier gauges, there isn't anything else that will make the strings tighter.
Tony Done nothing is wrong with guages m sure .. i hve nt used any other strinfs fr 6 mnths so obvio. Why is it tht i hve to wind up a haf step up to get get tension? There is smething mussing obvio.. that half step tension is not getting compensated .. its a guitar fault .. chnging string is nt sol. To evrything
srijan.rv Changing string gauges is the solution to your problem.

If you say the strings you had on before were old then that might be why the current ones feel looser. Strings gradually loosen with use. Which is why I am suggesting to stretch them when you put them on.