Hey guys, I'm planning to get a new guitar that's around 300$ and that is most likely gonna be a Takamine, they look and sound so nice.

I'm having troubles choosing the model tho, there are 5 that are around that price or lower in a shop in my country
(Can't ship from overseas cos of really expensive taxes and shit). 

I'm mostly into fingerstyle (+ percussion) time of playing (take Sungha Jung for example), so I was thinking the NEX body style would suit me better.  

My current guitar is a dreadnought cutaway from some unknown brand so I want to upgrade.

I heard the NEX is really comfortable to play and sounds really good.

Any of you out there played one before?  

What would you suggest I get?

That NEX shape looks pretty comparable to what other brands call a grand auditorium.  I have a seagull mini-jumbo which is also in the same ballpark. A little less boomy/bassy and not as loud as a dread but a sweeter more balanced sound IMO. 
If you are after fingerstyle, grab the NEX.
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