I have a Gibson Les Paul I absolutely love. its my favorite electric and I have a ESP LTD Cobweb.  The cobweb was made in 08 for a limited run of only 250 I believe.  From my understanding its an ec1000 basically with an artiest art work on it with 85 60 emg's  Since I like the les paul so much better should I go to guitar center and trade the cobweb in for a epiphone being I like les paul so much?  I know an epiphone is not the quality of a U.S. made gibson but not bad either.  What are your thoughts?
i'd have said an ec1000 was probably a little bit of a step up from an epi (i could be wrong, though, it's a good while since i've tried them)- i'm not sure i'd want to do a straight trade. if you know you prefer that style of guitar, though, it might be worth it. but i'd tried to get some money on your end or something like that. might not be possible if dealing with a store since they have to make a profit.
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So I went to guitar center (keep this in mind I did not like the ltd cobweb)  I bought a really nice Epiphone les paul standard pro and I love it almost as much as much as my gibson les paul.  It spoke to me lol  I must say I am very pleased and it sounds great through my marshall tube amp.  The Epiphone has a different tone due to the pickups are different but it really sounds awesome  I am pleased.  Its no Gibson but it is really comparable to my Gibson Les Paul.  I am very pleased with the playability and tone.
Great! Happy axe-slingin'!
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Thanks and from what I was told at guitar center instead of gibson having the world music company in S. Korea make it and they make guitars for a lot of different companies like prs se models ltd and others.  They opened a factory in china just for the epiphone line and trained all the workers to make just the epiphone's guitars instead of a company that makes guitars for a bunch of brands.  If this is true I can see the quality difference from the last time I picked up an epiphone les paul several years ago.  I think that the china made ones are better quality than the older S. Korean made models by world music industries.  Just my opinion.  Oh and I  can't remember the exact name of the color but I got the blue finish.  Its my favorite color and my wifes lol