I picked up a Global LP Jr copy at a yard sale that gave me the feeling some people get when a stray kitten comes up to them.  "I'll be your parent.  I'll get you right as rain."  This is also my first real re-build.  Usually I just stick to switching out pickups or doing basic set ups.       

So I have done a lot of work with it.  It originally came with a P90 (I was unable to test the guitar because at time of purchase, it did not have a tailpiece, by extension no strings).  I pulled the P90 and installed a Duncan design HB-103b.  Get work on it taken care of, get strings on, plug it in for a quick test.  There was a lot of hum and no sound when I plucked the strings.  To give an idea of the hum.  It would be like if you had a cable that wasn't in a guitar but is in an active amp, and you touch the tip.  That sound, but four times louder.  So I figure, it's probably the pots (this guitar has been severely neglected, it could have been anything.  So I switched out the pots.  Still get the same noise, but now I have a signal when I slide my fingers up and down the fret board.  My next option is going to be replacing the output jack and wires.  If the noise persists, I'll check the ground.  But I was wondering what other issues may be causing this.        

A little idea about the pick-up and position.  The original P90 was flatmounted onto the body.  Just, slapped right on top of the sucker.  I flatmounted the humbucker, which sits a little higher in the same location.  I still think I would be getting some kind of action from the strings instead of loud hum or signal upon sliding my finger up and down the neck.       

If it's a lost cause, I'm not going to be super upset about it not working, my main loss was in parts cost that I can put onto another guitar.
Is everything grounded to the back of one of the pots including the tab of the volume pot? any pics of the wiring?
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Is your output jack wired backwards? I have done this, and it causes that kind of buzzing. 
Quote by Mincer
Is your output jack wired backwards? I have done this, and it causes that kind of buzzing. 

That is what I was thinking too. If you haven't swapped the hot and the ground on the jack it is still going to be some sort of wiring issue.  Do you have a multimeter? 
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