Hi Guys

I have been playing guitar for 8 years and was hoping to get an upgrade of my gear, specifically my amp. i was contesting between solid state amps - 
1) Boss Katana 50W, Price- Rs20000- $300
2) Blackstar core 40, Price- 13000 - $200
3) Marshall code 25, Price- 13000-$200
Could you guys help me in reaching a decision. 
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What do you have now, what music do you want to play (be specific, examples are better), what is your max budget, what other gear do you have.

Help us help you.
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The Katana sounds pretty good from the clips.  I have never played through one but it is an updated amp from the Roland lineup which have always been pretty decent SS amps.  Worth a look.

Code sounds like ass.  
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Out of that list, Katana or the Blackstar. The code is poop.

More info like dementiacaptain asked would greatly help.

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Code sounds like ass.  

At least line 6 didn't make the list
I've played on a marshall code and wasn't impressed by any means. Do have experience with some blackstar stuff and liked it but never tred that particular model.
 I'd say either an Orange CR35RT, CR60C or Marshall Valvestate 8080....

The Orange is a true SS amp, as where the Marshall is a Valvestate...so you get a 12AX7 tube in the preamp, but everything after that is SS.

You can get a Marshall Valvestate off eBay or Reverb. The first series ones...like the 8080 (I have one), which is an 80W 1x12. They also have the 8280, which is the same amp with 2x12. These amps are mainly SS, but have a single tube in the preamp. These can be had on eBay for around $150-300 depending on condition and if you can catch a deal. DO NOT get the later valvestate models (VS or Valvestate 2000)- they're not as good as the first series (V). A lot of people hate them and will give you shit about it not being as good as a Tube Marshall, but they sound good, they're very giggagble and hey, it's a Marshall. 

As for the Orange CR series..I've only played them at the local Guitar Center, but damn they're good. The CR60C is on my wish list. That's probably the best series of true SS amps you can buy, no joke.

DO NOT get a Marshall MG series...I've owned several in various wattages and they're shite. 

If you're on a budget..try eBay, Reverb, or Guitar Center and get it used. At GC, you can even get a warranty on used gear, and their prices are decent. I've bought my fair share of used gear, and never had any issues- just make sure you get one in good shape.
I have had the Katana 100 for four months now and giged with it almost weekly. It's probably the best amp I have ever owned in 35 years of playing (though I have a very fond memory of a late 60's Fender Twin Reverb that I owned). 
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
The Katana 100 is a lot better then the 50. I also preferred the Spider V 60 over the Katana 50.
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As for the Orange CR series..I've only played them at the local Guitar Center, but damn they're good. The CR60C is on my wish list. That's probably the best series of true SS amps you can buy, no joke.

I bought the CR120H over other amps because its freaking awesome. I love it. Can't say it's the best solid-state, Quilter makes awesome ones too. I really want to try them for a different flavor.
The Boss Katana has gotten a lot of rave reviews. The Blackstar modeling amps sound super digital to me. If you want a simple solid state, i've heard Orange is really good. their CR120 has gotten a lot of positive reactions