I'm getting my first amp that not a combo (it's a Bugera G5 and 112TS). I read a post about how it's important to avoid instrument cables for speakers and vice versa. But Monoprice is not showing any 1/4" speaker cables. I've often had trouble finding what I want on their site, but this seems like it should be easy. Am I missing something?
Just buy some 12 or 14 gauge speaker cable and 2 mono 1/4 inch connectors and solder them on.  Or go to an actual guitar store website and buy one.  If you are in the US, AMS (American Musical Supply) is a great place for great quality cheap cables. CBI makes some great budget friendly ones.      
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Just use guitarcenter.
The speaker cable we use is pretty specialized.
Plus monoprice destroys you on shipping unless you order their bigger items
Prs se Holcomb is the answer