Hi all:

I'm a beginner. I hope you will all exercise your patience as I ask the many questions I have.

I'm looking for a good music theory book. I mean basic. I want to know about scales and intervals -- really elementary stuff I'd like to know before I start learning chords.. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Thanks for any help you can give me.   
Hi susanrand

welcome to musican talk....here is a very good online site for basic music theory


It will cover many topics as well as chords

Suggestions: Learn how to read AND write music as well...it is not that hard and priceless if you are going to get serious about music in your life.

I would also study diatonic harmony along with the theory aspect..they work well together and in some respects explain each other

Now that may seem like a lot of work..and it is..but in one years time if studied well you will be in a much different musical world and will be confident in it.

hope this helps
play well

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